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We are not raising children, we are raising adults.

I want to show you an alternative way of raising kids, so that everyone's potential – parents’ and children’s – can shine. Because alone, I can’t change education, but together we can.

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I write mainly about Montessori, parenthood, and multilingualism. Here are some recent posts.

Mums, dads & kids
We don't know how to be parents, we learn it everyday as we go. This is my way of motherhood, the small victories and the bitter defeats, my inconvenient truths and the endless life lessons. And also all the baby products and toys we love the most.
Long-term education starts from the person behind the parent!
8 sentences for when we argue in front of the kids
Story of a burnout
Happy 6th birthday, Oliver!
My kid doesn't want to apologise
How to leave the playground without power struggles
This is life
Audiobooks of real-life stories for kids
Let's not project our insecurities onto our kids
Question authorities
One day a few years ago my husband came home and said, "Why don't we put a mattress on the floor in the baby room? It'd be much more natural". "Never" was my reply. That's how our Montessori journey started. Since then we've been living, breathing and applying the philosophy at home day in and day out, starting from ourselves. Because educating children starts from the parents.
Let's stop saying "be good" to a crying baby
The pilot story (or why not to punish children's mistakes)
Wait for their answers
Montessori VS "the real world"
Consent: workshop for kids
Montessori express: change the sentences into positive
Montessori express: everything is NOT fine
My baby cries desperately in the car (15 months)
Take care of the mother behind the woman
Montessori express: ask instead of correcting
Living sustainably
Living sustainably for me doesn’t only mean to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It means to make decisions that are sustainable for our planet, the people on it, but also for our life, our lifestyle, and our happiness. It means to take any daily chance to evolve and be happier, healthier, kinder, more responsible and more caring human beings—the only sustainable way for a meaningful future.
Face yoga is an act of self love
Why you should wear the same outfit twice on Instagram
The power of creating habits (and why you should do it, even if you then break them!)
Responsible eating is the diet of the future (Would you like to teach it to your kids?)
The power of NOT complaining: can you do it for a whole month?
Clean up your planet, please!
Infographic: 8 steps to switch to cloth nappies (a guide for reluctant parents)
A personal note on happiness
A personal note on social media
A change of life always widens your horizons
New to La Tela?
I’ve prepared collections on various topics that I’ve written over the years. Perhaps you’ll find one that interests you.


On my podcast, “Educare con calma”, I talk about various topics, from Montessori to sustainability. Only in Italian!

Jun 11, 2021 00:24:37
Siamo tutti interconnessi!
In questo episodio rifletto su questa verità che per me ha significato un prima e un dopo nel mio percorso di evoluzione personale – perché è un realizzazione importantissima sia nell'educazione sia nella sostenibilità – e lo faccio leggendo un estratto affascinante di una lezione di Mario Montessori, il figlio di Maria. :: Citazioni preferite:  In particolare, questa parte modella molte delle mie conversazioni con i miei figli: «Se stasera abbiamo la facilità di sederci qui tutti insieme, è ...
Jun 4, 2021 00:25:26
Il trucco è il filtro della vita reale (?)
In questo Episodio di Educare con Calma vi racconto la MIA scelta personale di non usare filtri su Instagram e di non truccarmi nella vita reale e rifletto sul messaggio che truccarsi significhi prendersi cura di sé, messaggio che non condivido. Avrei voluto dire molto di più, sopratutto su alcuni argomenti come la femminilità e la sicurezza di sé, ma per oggi ho deciso di restare sul generale per poi approfondire alcune tematiche in altri episodi, se vedrò interesse e lacune. :: Nell'episodi...
May 21, 2021 00:39:47
La mia dipendenza dalla zucchero
In questo episodio di Educare con Calma, vi parlo della mia dipendenza dallo zucchero e di come sono arrivata a parlarne tranquillamente. Vi racconterò anche come trattiamo noi lo zucchero in famiglia e delle nostre abitudini alimentari rispetto allo zucchero. E poi come sempre a volte mi perdo nelle mie ragnatele di pensieri. Ho usato più rispetto ed empatia possibile, ma visto che è un argomento un po’ tabù, soprattutto quando relazionato alla nutrizione dei bambini, ci tengo a dirvi come s...


We sold everything to travel the world for two years. We're currently in New Zealand.


In 2020 I wrote 4 books for the Italian collection “Gioca and Impara con il metodo Montessori” curated by Grazia Honegger Fresco. The collection is a project by Il Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport.

We also implemented the workshops of the last 15 volumes of the collection with Oliver and Emily.


I update Instagram almost every day to be "close" to my family far away.

Why La Tela di Carlotta?
I dreamed of the name La Tela di Carlotta. One morning I woke up and in my dreams I had created a blog named just like the American novel (Charlotte's Web). Many years and endless ups and downs later, this web of thoughts and stories is my work. It took me a long time to understand what kind of online presence I wanted and today I know: I'm transparent, I show real life, I don't advertise, I only recommend sustainable brands (and not only because they pay me) and I believe in the value of my blog and my courses—because if we don't believe in the value of our work, no one will believe in it for us.
Carlotta dreaming of La Tela
I know! I don't want it to be over yet either.