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Positive discipline Montessori-style


If a kid wants (needs) to push, tell him to push the wall, a tree, a car. If he wants (needs) to bite, give a raw carrot, an orange, a lemon, a biting toy to bite. If he wants (needs) to kick, give him a ball. You’re not only using positive discipline, but you’re also addressing a fundamental need of his developmental age.

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Love is hard work. And it’s normal.


Today, after leaving the house upset at Alex for the second morning in a row, I started thinking how our relationship has changed for the worse since we became parents. As my parents are divorced, sometimes I find myself wondering if this is a sign that something is really wrong. But as soon as I started writing about all that has changed and its causes, I realised something that we might sometimes forget when we’re angry, tired and frustrated: this is all normal.

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