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This past week I thought I was going to be super productive and write a lot because my sister was here and she could spend time with Oliver while I blogged. I then decided to spend time with her and Oliver instead, so in the end it’s been a holiday from the blog.

But that’s not the only reason: we finally found an apartment and we’re moving end of June. I’ll have to tell you about it because it’s going to be a drastic life change, that feels right, but scares us a little! Our apartment already looks like a construction site and it’s hard for me to feel productive in this mess


my next two posts are almost ready and they’re both Montessori: a list of my favourite Montessori books to know more about this lovely philosophy, and a post about explaining limits to our kids in a positive way. I’m sure you’ll like them, and if you haven’s signed up to my newsletter yet, you can do it now here below.

I wish you a great week, a productive and happy one, and I leave you with some of my favourite posts of all time on La tela, in case you missed one or two 😉

The benefits of waking up early and how to do it

Keep calm and follow the child

Mistakes that native people make in English, Spanish and Italian

Why we Montessori (and what it means to us) 

Traveling with kids, a day with Oliver in Torino

My son has two parents, not just one

Parenting without rewards or punishments

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My name is Carlotta, I’m 33 years old, I’m Italian, married to a Finnish guy, and together we raise Oliver (4) and Emily (2) Montessori and multilingual. We’re selling everything to travel the world.

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  1. Stefania - June 7, 2016

    Le sorelle sono parti del cuore, quindi senza indugio e senza freni goditi tutto il tempo con lei e con Oliver!! Intanto, tra i post che ci suggerisci, ho già trovato qualcosa che non avevo ancora letto e, guarda un po’, che riguarda un argomento di cui si sta palando ora in casa nostra (educare senza ricompense né castighi): ti riconfermi la mia fonte inesauribile di consigli!!

    • Carlotta - June 7, 2016

      Grazie Stefania, hai proprio ragione, è come ricaricare le pile quando lei è con me, è la mia Pollyanna! Sono contenta che tu abbia trovato qualcosa di utile tra i link, quello è uno dei miei preferiti! E sono sicura ti piacerà anche molto quello che troverai nella prossima newsletter! 🙂

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