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Babybjörn high chair is perfect for Baby Led Weaning

Dec 28, 2015 • Mums, dads & kids

I’ve already written about why we chose Baby Led Weaning and little by little I’ll let you know how Oliver’s doing—for me it was very helpful to read about other parents’ experiences.

But today, I;d like to write about a product that is super important in in every house, but especially if you’re doing Baby Led Weaning: the highchair. For me, our highchair is absolutely perfect to contain the mess of the first months of BLW.

Babybjörn Highchair

When it was time to choose a highchair we wanted it to be the following three things:

  • Nice, light and easy to wash (oops, it's already three!)
  • Belt free. We didn't want belts, and especially fabric ones which get easily dirty.
  • Big enough for our adorable 11kg 9-month-old giant, but not too big and bulky. better if it grows with the baby.

Babybjörn’s High Chair is exactly what we were looking for. And once again, Babybjörn didn’t disappoint us (we already have the Carrier One and the Chair and we love them!).

It’s compact. It folds easily and small so we can take it to friends’ houses. At home, it’s so light we carry it from one room to the other without folding it.

It’s ergonomic. It doesn’t need a belt because it hugs the baby’s body with its curved backrest and formfitting tray. This is also especially important if you’re doing Baby Led Weaning: even when Oliver is all dirty, food rarely drops between the table and the his body.

It’s super safe. As the table completely wraps around the baby’s belly, it’s virtually impossible for Oliver to get out, not even if he pushes with his feet on the footrest. Also, as its legs open to the sides, Oliver can fall backwards not even when pushing with his feet against our table (although, all our guests so far have tripped on the legs at least once :-D ).

It grows with the baby. Oliver is a big boy so this has been a key feature for us, as it allowed us to adjust the tray to fit his (big) belly.

It’s super easy to clean. It’s all made of smooth plastic (BPA free) so you can easily clean it with a wet rag. But up until now, even in the wildest meals, we only had to wash the tray, which detaches easily and is dishwasher-safe.

So this is all the truth and nothing but: Babybjörn’s high chair is by far the best I’ve seen around and I wouldn’t change absolutely anything about it. It’s that good!

PS. We bought it on Amazon, but it shouldn’t be difficult to find locally.


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