Bednest Bedside Crib — review

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We looove Bednest! When we had to decide where Oliver would have slept for the first few months before switching to his Montessori room, we agreed it had to be in our room. He had lived 9 months in my belly, and now having him sleep in a room alone, away from our smell and sounds felt very unnatural.

The only problem was to find a crib that was small enough, beautiful, nicely designed (yes, we love design!) and possibly one that we wouldn’t have to sell, throw away or store after a few months of use.

Bednest was exactly what we were looking for! Not only it’s perfect size for a small room like ours, but it’s also beautifully designed, comfortable, practical and it has that Scandinavian look that we very much love.

Amazing service.

Service was just great! We ordered (and paid in advance) our Bednest in December and planned for it to be delivered beginning of March: that’s exactly when it came, down to the hour.

It’s for rent!

I love spring cleaning and decluttering (we don’t even own CDs, DVDs or books in a material form because they take up space!). So we liked that we can simply rent our Bednest: after six months (we rented it for sixth months to be on the safe side, although we’re planning to switch Oliver to his room around 2-3 months) UPS comes, takes it away and we won’t have to worry about storing, selling or throwing it away.

Mattress and sheets are included!

It comes with mattress and two sheets, which—like every other fabric part—are new and you get to keep them at the end of the renting.

More pros:

  • You can choose the kind of renting that suits you better—you even get to choose between different mattresses and sheets.
  • You can order it in just a few minutes on their website and up to 7 months before the delivery date.
  • It’s very easy to “assemble” (if you’re thinking Ikea, this is nothing like that… there’s hardly anything to assemble!) and it’s so light you can move it easily to other rooms.
  • If you’re not happy with it, you have 30 days to try it and return it (which you won’t!).
  • It comes with straps to secure it to your bed, but it’s so stable we didn’t even use them.
  • And the best part is…

Allattare di notte senza doversi nemmeno alzare dal letto non ha prezzo!

You don’t have to leave your bed to breastfeed!

Bednest is perfect for mothers like me who breastfeed exclusively. It can be adjusted to up to 70 heights, so you get a perfect match to your mattress—basically it becomes an extension of your own bed! When Oliver wakes up, I can take him and put him back without getting out of bed. It’s just great!

So far, Bednest is on my top priority list of items you need when you have a baby and we will definitely rent it again for my second child.


Here’s an update for you (after returning it)

Our renting period was over so we returned our Bednest. Here’s a few more thoughts on our experience with Bednest:

  • Two sheets are definitely enough and I’m happy I didn’t and buy more.
  • I’m still using the mattress next to Oliver’s Montessori bed.
  • It stores flat and compact so when we switched three-month-old Oliver to his room we kept it close for emergencies and actually used it once he had fever.
  • Returning it was super easy and fast. I printed the label, called UPS in the morning, they came in the afternoon, and a few days after I got confirmation that Bednest had received it.
  • At the end of the rental period, they offer their customers to keep it for a small price, but we decided not to (you know, spring cleaning, decluttering etc)
  • All in all, the experience was great! If only all companies were like Bednest!

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  1. Ciao, come si attacca alla culla la sponda? Col velcro?

    • Ciao Silvia,

      No, la sponda non si attacca con il velcro, si aggancia al letto (appena lo vedi, lo capisci perché è molto intuitivo). La parte in tessuto invece, quella sì che si infila sulla sponda e poi si chiude con velcro.

      Stai pensando ad affittarla?

  2. Buongiorno, quali sono le dimensioni della culla? Anche noi abbiamo problemi di spazio…

    • Carlotta - May 18, 2016

      Ciao Rita, grazie per il tuo commento 🙂 La culla è lunga 86cm e larga 47,5. L’altezza è regolabile per adattarsi all’altezza del tuo letto, mi sembra dai 30cm ai 66 cm. Se hai altre domande, sai dove trovarmi 🌸

  3. Ciao Carlotta, mi sono innamorata subito di questa culla e ora che sono in gravidanza devo proprio decidere che culla prendere e se prenderla o no. All’inizio mi sembrava una buona idea poterla restituire, ma adesso mi chiedo se non sia uno “spreco” di soldi il fatto che poi non ti resta nulla.
    ti ricordi a che cifra te l’avevano proposta dopo l’affito? Grazie e auguri con la piccola Emily

  4. Ciao ma quanto costa l’affitto? Soluzione super interessante

  5. francesca - July 6, 2018

    Ciao, ho affittato la culla bednest, vorrei chiederti le misure della culla o meglio del materassino all’interno, che non riesco a trovarlo da nessuna parte.
    Mi puoi aiutare?

  6. Ciao, sarei veramente interessata al noleggio della culla bednest ma non riesco proprio a trovare le informazioni relative ai costi e le condizioni per il noleggio. Potresti postare il link dove lo hai fatto tu?
    Grazie Francesca

    • Ciao Francesca, grazie per il tuo commento. Te la consiglio vivamente, vi piacerà 🙂 Noi l’abbiamo affittata direttamente sul loro sito, non credo ci sia un altro modo. Ti lascio il link qui: affitto culla Bednest. Un abbraccio 🌸

      • Ciao! Io ho cercato informazioni per affittare la culla, non le ho trovate, e sul sito Facebook ho letto che affittano solo in Belgio, Olanda e Germania. Tu l’hai presa in Italia? Provo a scrivere a loro? Grazie

      • Carlotta - August 6, 2019

        Ciao! Io l’ho affittata entrambe le volte direttamente sul loro sito ed ero in Spagna. Magari su Facebook non è aggiornato, ti consiglierei di guardare direttamente sul loro sito web 🙂 Fammi sapere!

  7. adoro il tuo blog! Ho trovato le risposte che cercavo per il mio bimbo, grazie <3

  8. fino a quanti mesi possono dormire lì?

    • Ciao Giusy, grazie per il tuo commento. Guarda, Oliver ci ha dormito pochissimo (tre mesi) perché era un piccolo gigante e si svegliava continuamente dando colpi alle pareti. Ma Emily ci ha dormito, mi sembra, fino ai sei mesi. In linea di massima, credo che quando il bambino inizia a sedersi autonomamente e volersi alzare in piedi aggrappandosi alle pareti, sarebbe meglio spostarlo nel suo letto (che io consiglierei sicuramente a terra in stile montessori): se dovessi dirti un’età, indicativamente direi sei mesi, ma ogni bambino è unico.

      Un abbraccio 🤗

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