The flip side of motherhood


Sometimes we all cuddle in bed, all four of us, and we feel like a perfect family; sometimes we go fo a long walk to the beach, let Colbie swim in the sea, and play with her; sometimes the kids nap at the same time, and Alex and I can sit on the couch and have a conversation; sometimes we leave the house with a smile, Emily asleep in the pram, Oliver running happily and chatting away; sometimes we have gorgeous afternoons at the park, we feed the ducks, we play together, we take in the sun; sometimes we spend quality happy time together, and we love each other infinity times infinity.

Often, though, our life is NOT like that.

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Being a mother also means…


Lately, it’s been hard to keep everything going and on track—Oliver, his adapting in his new nursery, the house, my blog, my language business, my dance classes… only the pregnancy has an auto pilot!—and I really feel like I bit off more than I can chew. So last Wednesday I had a major meltdown.

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We, mums, are all in the same boat — Team Mama


A few months ago, Isabella, a lovely reader who’s grown fond of La Tela (and I of her), wrote me something that made me smile. Her words are so honest, sweet and familiar that they made me think, once again, “No matter how different and unique we all are as individuals, mums are all in the same boat. We all have the same problems and worries, feel guilty in the same way. And we’re all striving to be better mothers and people in this amazingly crazy journey of parenthood”.

So today, with her permission, I want to share with you what she wrote to me for the Team Mama column. And if you can relate to her words the same way I do, let us know, share it with us. Because alone we’re smart, together we’re brilliant—wow, did I just invent the Team Mama’s motto?

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Being sick is not compatible with being a mum


After three days of a nasty stomach virus that devoured 4kg of my body. Of feeling sick when smelling food and being sick when having it. Of muscle pain, lethargy, headache, mild boredom and extreme weakness. Of dragging myself around the house and not being able to leave it.

I came to a conclusion.

Being sick is not compatible with being a mum. And a few other cob-web thoughts.

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When facts change, do you change with them? (Team Mama)

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Today I’m starting a new column on La Tela. I noticed there are so many mums that have something interesting to say, who want to say something, who like writing but just don’t do it, who would take the chance of being featured on a blog at the drop of a hat. These column is for all those mums, Team Mama. If you’re one of them, please write at [email protected]

Today’s post was written by Greta, a lovely first-time German mum of a gorgeous boy.

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How to be a working mum and run a blog


The other day, at one of the many mums’ reunions I go to, I overheard a girl, first-time mum like me, saying she’d really want to start a blog, but I just don’t have the time. It made me smile: not having the time to do something you really want to do is something I don’t believe in. I believe in making the time for what’s important to you.

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