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DIY IKEA Montessori closet

Aug 11, 2019 • Montessori

As so many of you asked, this is a very brief tutorial to create a DIY Montessori closet using IKEA’s Kallax shelves. It’s very brief, because it takes literally half an hour to make!

What you need

All together, you’ll spend around €60.

How you do it

You don’t do it, because it’s practically done!

Assemble the Kallax furniture, leaving out one of the two shelves so that one side is for hanging clothes: put the bar in and hang some small clothe hangers.

On the other side, put the insert with door at the top and the insert with drawers at the bottom.

You are done!

Two tips

I suggest you put the drawers at the bottom, because otherwise the child does not reach the highest one.

And at the beginning I also advise you to leave out just a few changes, a maximum of three, to make the choice easier: in the evening you can select two or three combinations of clothes that you think will be good for the next day.

Dedicate one drawer to the child’s pajamas, so that he knows where to put it in the morning, and the other drawer is for underwear.

The more organized, the better.