Farm life for kids at Foymount Farm (Ontario, Canada)

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“I want to stay here”, said Oliver as he got in the car. Leaving Foymount Farm was the saddest day of our trip in West Canada. Five days flew through this truly amazing experience.

On the first day the kids picked vegetables from “our” garden, made a tomato/cucumber salad and a yellow zucchini risotto.

Every night Oliver and Emily helped put the chickens in their house, feed the sheep, brush the donkey and collect eggs for our breakfast. Every morning, they released the sheep into the open field, fed the pig and the horses, and then we all went for a horse ride in the nearby forest.

Seeing Oliver and Emily learn about nature and animals (and a self-sustained lifestyle) and get to know their way around the farm was simply priceless. And the voices of the farm—birds singing, grasshoppers chirping, roosters crowing, horses neighing—were the most pleasant soundtrack I’ve ever heard.

Thanks Sue for being an amazing host and sharing with us a little bit of your paradise. Thanks Lauren for much needed mommy chats, and little Mason and Leo for fun play dates.

Foymount Farm will stay in our hearts forever!

If you have kids and live in West Canada or are heading to Ontario for your holidays, you HAVE TO stay at Foymount farm. It’s so much more than a vacation.

Foymount Farm is a family farm in Cormac, Ontario (CA), where children (and adults) are involved in all the farm tasks. There are two beautiful cottages available, one for up to 8 guests and a smaller one for 6 (we stayed in the bigger one because the other wasn’t available on the dates we wanted).

Sue provides a list of things to do and see around the farm, and toys for the kids (although Oliver and Emily barely uses them). All activities are included in the price, except horseback riding.

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My name is Carlotta, I’m 33 years old, I’m Italian, married to a Finnish guy, and together we raise Oliver (4) and Emily (2) Montessori and multilingual. We’re selling everything to travel the world.

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  1. He estado buscando lo mismo y no tuve suerte… si encuentras algo en España o Europa avisa por favor!

    • Carlotta - March 24, 2019

      Hola Marta, he encontrado una que tiene un concepto similar justo en España, se llama Finca Montefrio, si vas dile que vas por mi parte. Está en el norte de Sevilla, cerca de Cortegana 😘

  2. Oooh a mi también me gustaría saber de algún lugar así en España o en Europa. Los publicarás? Mi hijo es granjero en el alma!!

  3. Bellissima! Se solo ci fossero posti così in Europa, o meglio… se solo li trovassi 😉 Se trovi, passa, mi raccomando!

    • Carlotta - March 24, 2019

      Dopo un sacco di ricerca, ho trovato (e visitato) un paio in Europa e voglio scrivere un post su fattorie per famiglie in Europa! Ce la farò!

  4. En Inglaterra hay muchas que tienen actividades concretas pero no para quedarte a dormir. Llevas a los niños, recogen huevos por ejemplo y luego tienen tienda y compras las cosas que recoges. Pero nada que ver con la esta maravilla que encontrasteis en Canada 🙂

    • Carlotta - March 24, 2019

      Por lo menos hay granjas así en Inglaterra y me parece que hay muchas, aquí en el sur de España, con lo bonito que está el campo, no hay muchas que ofrecen experiencias para familias… sería un buen negocio!

  5. Ooooh this is gorgeous, I wish there were something like this in Europe! I’m writing it down for my Canada bucket list 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • Carlotta - March 24, 2019

      It is gorgeous, I know! If you are ever in Ontario, definitely go, worth the drive!

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