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How did the kids take it? (We’re selling everything to travel the world)

Jan 8, 2019 • La Tela Travels

Since I told you that we’re selling everything we own to travel the world for a few years, I’m getting lots of questions (I’d have questions, too… it’s pure craziness!). So here’s a column with all the answers, one by one. (If you’ve got questions, write them in the comments and I’ll note them down for future posts).

How did the kids take it?

This is probably the most common question I’m receving.

Emily (2) probably doesn’t understand it yet, maybe when we leave, in six months, she’ll be a bit bigger and she’ll understand a bit better.

Oliver (3.5), on the other hand, is literally over the moon, it’s all he talks about. I’m telling you, this boy is a traveler! He loved spending the summer 2018 in Canada, and if you think children don’t remember, think twice! 

Now, after four months, Oliver still speaks a lot about Canada (he pronounces it CaDAna :-D) and about what we saw and did there, and his teacher told me he does the same in school: when they read books or talk about something that reminds him about it, he tells little anectdotes: “When I was in Cadana, … “.

And sometimes he surprises us with little details and memories. We recently spent a night at a farm cottage that had a fire place, and Oliver said “We need marshmallows!”. The mind blowing thing is that we ate marshmallows only ONCE in Canada, when we camped at Park Omega, and never spoke about it again after that. 

And now he can’t wait to go to Africa (I’ll soon have to break the news that we’re most likely starting from Asia… ;-)