Isn’t it hard to get rid of everything you own? (We’re selling everything to travel the world)

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Oh wow, it’s so hard! SO much harder than I expected!

There are so many material things that I struggle letting go of.

My yellow desk, that has seen me grow as a writer year after year, reinvent myself several times — it’s become a reminder that I can become whatever I want as many times as I want.

My dance shoes, that have been the companions of endless salsa nights, dance rehearsals and shows in theaters — shoes that I have worn down, broken, glued, taped and worn again.

The kids Montessori furniture, that has seen me evolve as a mother, become more confident and patient — and have been the perfect background for my posts.

My blender, because there’s absolutely nothing better than a cold smoothie in summer and a hot soup in winter.

Somebody said to me the other day, “It’s just material stuff, you can replace it”.

But see, that’s not the point. Yes, it is just stuff, and yes, I can replace it eventually. But the whole point is: I don’t want to replace it, not for a long time. I’m getting rid of it to embrace a new lifestyle made of experiences over stuff, of minimalistic living, of close-to-zero consumerism, of maximum respect for what we have because it’s all we have.

I want this travel around the world to be so much more than just a travel to places, I want it to be a journey into ourselves, an experience of new ways to see life and people, to find happiness in ourselves and each other, not in a new vacuum cleaner or another dress for a wardrobe full of clothes.

And please, don’t feel judged by my words if you just got a new vacuum cleaner or another dress for your crowded wardrobe: that’s your life (and mine, up until a few months ago!), and I hope it makes you happy.

My life simply took a different route, one that I hadn’t seen coming and that brings a whole new level and meaning of happiness. This is the path that I feel I need to follow not only for myself, for ourselves, and our kids, but also for the environment and for what I believe in.

So yeah, getting rid of my stuff is hard, because most of it is so much more than just stuff, it’s memories and life itself. But sometimes we need to get rid of the past to be reborn from the ashes of our old self. It’s hard, a journey of its own, but it’s also so liberating and empowering.

One of my favorite quotes has always been:

”Past is like an anchor holding us back. You need to let go of who you are to become who you will be”.

I guess in this time of my life, this means to get rid of the things I thought defined me, to give my life and myself a whole new meaning. Wish me luck.

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The woman behind the words

My name is Carlotta, I’m 33 years old, I’m Italian, married to a Finnish guy, and together we raise Oliver (4) and Emily (2) Montessori and multilingual. We’re selling everything to travel the world.

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  1. Buona fortuna! Spero tu possa trovare in questo viaggio la felicità che cerchi. 😉

    • Cara Marta, mi sa che è la felicità che sta cercando me 🤣 ! Credo di essere fortunata a potermi già definire felice: se rimanessi qui, come ora, tutta la vita, sarei felice. Eppure partiamo perché questo percorso ci chiama… chissà che tipo di felicità ci porterà! 💕

  2. Buona fortuna a TE Carlotta e alla tua donna e mamma che cerchi di diventare!!!
    T seguirò con ammirazione

  3. 💙 tanta stima 💚😊

  4. Buona fortuna! Leggendoti la mia pancia si muove e porta “scompiglio” al cuore. Sono i miei sussulti di felicità quando mi sento toccata nel vivo di ciò a cui tendo e….in cui mi riconosco. In questo momento in cui la vita mi ha fatto dono, a 45 anni, di un bimbo di 20 mesi, a volte sento di perdere la connessione con me stessa…non per l’essere madre ma per la fatica di ricordarsi di essere anche AltrA. Mindfulness scrivevi tempo fa….quindi forza di Riparte. Ancora buona fortuna

    • Che belle parole, Federica, ti ringrazio per aver condiviso un po’ di te con me.

      Credo che poco a poco, piano piano, arriva sempre un momento in cui una madre deve riappropriarsi della donna. A volte avviene naturalmente, a volte (come lo è stato per me con entrambi Oliver ed Emily) dobbiamo dargli una piccola spinta. Buona fortuna anche a te.

      PS. Vai sempre verso ciò a cui tendi, non importa quanto sembri lontano ed infattibile. 🌸

  5. Arlettee - March 1, 2019

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y aunque no tengo hijos, me ha gustado mucho!!!

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