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Munari‚ the first Montessori mobile

Jun 1, 2015

With this post, I’m starting a series of tutoriasl to make your own Montessori mobiles, which all aim at developing sight, baby’s attention skills, color and depth perception. I made and tested myself all the tutorials you’ll find on my blog (twice, for both Oliver and Emily), and I sometimes adapted them to simplify them—I’m all about easy easy!

I have to admit that when I decided to make the Montessori mobiles myself, I procrastinated quite a bit before starting: all the tutorials I found online were either too approximative or too complicated—side B has to be double side A and three times side C—but I then remembered a very important mantra:


So I forgot about all the strict rules and used a bit of that creativity that all my young students really like. Oliver and Emily loved their Montessori mobiles, they could stay up to half an hour looking at them while lying on their mat alone in their room (in retrospect, it was a life saviour and it promoted concentration and independent play!).

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