Munari‚ the first Montessori mobile (free template)

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With this post, I’m starting a series of tutoriasl to make your own Montessori mobiles, which all aim at developing sight, baby’s attention skills, color and depth perception. I made and tested myself all the tutorials you’ll find on my blog (twice, for both Oliver and Emily), and I sometimes adapted them to simplify them—I’m all about easy easy!

I have to admit that when I decided to make the Montessori mobiles myself, I procrastinated quite a bit before starting: all the tutorials I found online were either too approximative or too complicated—side B has to be double side A and three times side C—but I then remembered a very important mantra:


So I forgot about all the strict rules and used a bit of that creativity that all my young students really like. Oliver loves his Montessori mobiles, he can stay up to half an hour looking at them while lying on his mat alone in his room—it’s a life savior when I need to dress/shower/make up/cook/clean!

The Munari


This is a visual mobile, which means the baby shouldn’t be able to grasp, pull, batt it: ideally, it has to hang around 30 cm from the baby’s floor mat.

What you need:

  • This free template to print
  • Scissors (pointy ones)
  • Glue
  • 6 white, thick cardboard papers (A4)
  • 2 wooden sticks
  • Nylon or cotton thread

You’ll see this material used in almost all tutorials so buy a lot of it!

What you have to do:

  1. Print out the six pages of the template (each on a different cardboard paper) and cut out the shapes.
  2. Same shapes go together: stick them together with glue (glue goes on the white surface ;-).
  3. With pointy scissors, make a hole at the top of each shape, pass the thread through and tie a knot.
  4. Now the fun begins: you’ll have to attach the shapes to the sticks and balance them so they stay straight. It’s more or less like this (and yes, I dug up my old Moleskine for you!):


You’re all done! Now you just have to attach the mobile to the ceiling: the system you see in the pictures below allows you to easily change (and interchange, if you like) the mobiles. The thread is attached to a hook in the ceiling. Easy, peasy! Below, in the list of posts I handpicked for you, you’ll also find more inspiration to hang your mobiles.

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  1. Ciao, scusami ma il filo trasparente come l’hai attaccato al soffitto? Grazie mille

    • Carlotta - March 21, 2016

      Ciao e grazie per il tuo commento. Hai ragione, effettivamente è una parte che mi sono scordata di spiegare nel post. Il filo l’ho attaccato ad una vite a uncino con tassello come queste, che consiglio anche a te perché è più resistente e non dovrai poi cambiarla quando passerete dalle giostrine visuali a quelle da prendere e tirare. Per qualsiasi altra cosa, non esitare a chiedere. Un abbraccio 🌸

  2. Hola 🙂
    Hasta que edad se puede tener este móvil? Mi niña tiene ya 7 semanas y no se si ya es muy mayor para él.

    • Hola! Normalmente este móvil se usa hasta la semana 6, pero yo lo utilicé durante más tiempo y hasta después de varios móviles siguientes volví a presentárselo porque me di cuenta de que todavía le interesaba. En realidad, lo importante es el interés del niño (lo más fácil siempre es seguirle al niño), así que yo te aconsejaría probarlo y si te das cuenta de que tu niño ya no está interesado puedes pasar al siguiente: pero si ves que lo mira y le gusta, déjaselo hasta que pierda interés o ve intercambiándolo con los siguientes. Un abrazo

      PS. Muy pronto publicaré un pequeño libro sobre como empezar el viaje Montessori en casa. Apúntate a mi newsletter si te interesa y quieres que te informe cuando salga.

      • Ciao, scusa ma dove posso trovare i bastoncini di legno? Di che diametro?? Grazie mille. 😊

      • Ciao Francesca, grazie per il tuo commento. I bastoncini io li ho comprati nei negozi dei cinesi, ma li puoi trovare anche da Leroy Merlin o credo in una semplice ferramenta. 🙂 Per quanto riguarda il diametro puoi decidere tu, i miei erano abbastanza piccoli, meno di 1cm di diametro, ma possono essere anche più spessi a seconda del tuo gusto personale 🙂

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