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Montessori bedroom 12-18 months (+home tour)

Nov 15, 2016

After many months since my last post about Oliver’s Montessori bedroom, today I’ll take you around our apartment to show you how we “montessorised” it: starting at 12 months, in fact, it’s not only about your kid’s bedroom, but also about all the other environments in the the house.

I hope you’ll find it useful to continue your Montessori journey with your kids at home. I added as many links as possible, but if you have questions on the products and where to find them, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

The bedroom

Let’s start with the bedroom. Since the last time you saw Oliver’s room (prepared environment 10-12 months), we still have the same shelves, only the toys are different.

We always rotate 5 or 6 activities on our shelves, and right now we have: Beluga fruit and vegetables cutting board, the Goula cubes, the Janod puzzle with farm animals, the Plantoys sorting board, and a basket with some drawing paper, a colouring book and some crayons. On the floor, the last introduction to our collection, a Duplo 1.5-5 years box, because… well, can a kid grow up without Duplos? ;-)

Near the bed, we keep Oliver’s beloved footballs and beach balls (he’s got so many we don’t know where to put them anymore) and a box with his first Brio train, that Oliver still doesn’t use without our help: we build the railway together and he then loves making the train travel.

We also added the Lätt table with chairs that for the first few months were too high for Oliver, but he can now sit perfectly with no help. On the wall, I hung our usual frames where I rotate images that Oliver is interested in (before it was animals, not it’s vehicles): interchanging the pictures also really helps him learn new vocabulary. In the basket near the table, we keep Oliver’s books (the last ones I bought are the ones from the Montessori series: map work, shape work, number work, letter work).

On one wall, we put some adhesive hooks where we hang a selection of Oliver’s clothes, usually two T-shirts and two pants, so he can pick them himself in the morning.

Let’s leave the bedroom now for a short home tour.

The bathroom

In the bathroom we adapted the bidet to be Oliver’s sink. We attached a suction cup toothbrush holder and an adhesive hook for a towel, and we placed a small soap bar on the side. For now, these few changes in the bathroom are enough and working great for us!

The entrance

In the entrance, we put an adhesive hook on the wall at Oliver’s height where we hang his backpack and jacket, and we put the little Flisat stool for him to sit when putting his shoes on, although so far he prefers to put his shoes on while standing (probably the stool is still a tad too tall).

For now, he rarely hangs his backpack as he always comes back from nursery asleep, but we’re working on it, especially on lifting it instead of pulling it towards himself when taking it out (there’s something to learn in everything).

The kitchen

In the kitchen, besides our famous learning tower that we still use every day, we dedicated an open shelf to Oliver where we put a water jar (with little water in it), a kitchen cloth (that you can’t see in the picture because I added it later), a glass, a mug with some forks and spoons, and a couple of plates.

So far, though, Oliver is not using this shelf much: he likes pouring water in the glass and then everywhere else (especially the floor), and moving the silverware back and forth from the mug to the plate. I’m trying to have him set the table for meals, but for now he’s not mastering it yet.

The living room

Since we moved, we decided to furnish the living room in an even more minimalistic way than before and since we have a clear wall, sometimes we hang a big piece of paper and we paint with brushes, rolls and, of corse, our fingers.

This is the end of our home tour, I hope you found it useful to make some montessori changes in your own house. If you liked it, please share it on Facebook so more families can start their Montessori journey.

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Andrea • Feb 1, 2019

The bidet transformation is amazing! So clever and practical for an 18 month old.

🌸 Carlotta • Feb 4, 2019

Hey Andrea, thanks for your comment! Both Oliver and Emily love it (I love it a bit less every time I find the bathroom almost flooded after they wash their hands ;-) and I try to recreate it in every apartment we move to. Such a simple hack, too! 🌸

Marika • Dec 23, 2016

della serie Montessori: map work, letter work, number work, shape work).
volevo un commento su questi libri mio figlio Ulisse ha quasi 3 anni che mi consigli ?per le lettere non c'è in italiano?

🌸 Carlotta • Jan 11, 2017

Ciao Marika! A me questi libri piacciono molto, e li ho comprati perché un'amica di Oliver dell'asilo li ha e li usa tanto. Ma ovviamente è presto per Oliver (l'amica ha più di 6 mesi più di lui), per ora gli piace guardare le figure e ripeterne il nome. Io te li consiglierei, l'età di Ulisse è perfetta! Sfortunatamente non c'è in italiano, ma visto che nel metodo montessori si insegnano i fonemi (il suono delle lettere, non il "nome"), anche la versione inglese andrà bene.

Se sei curiosa su come insegnare con i fonemi, puoi leggere questo post.

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