The power of a decision

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“You can never connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking back”. ~Steve Jobs

If 12 years ago you had told me that I’d travel the world with two small children, I’d have laughed. Yet, looking back, EVERYTHING we did led us to this adventure.

Several times in the past 10 years, we talked ourselves *out* of buying a house, even though family and friends advised us to, “Why do you keep throwing money in a rent?”, they asked. Yet, it never felt right, it never felt us. So we swam against the flow.

I wanted to become the next Fernanda Pivano and translate literature, but literary translation was a niche, there was a lot of X to get in it and I wanted to be the owner of my schedule and my time. I reluctantly closed the door to translation and jumped into the unknown, creating a local business from scratch, my first baby: I taught English to kids and adults in Marbella and I loved every moment of it, it gave me so much in eight years that I can’t even put it in words.

But then came a time when working locally made me feel trapped, not because I wanted to leave Marbella — Marbella is and and always will be home — but because I became fascinated by the idea of ​​being able to work like my husband does: with a computer from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, full owner of my time.

It was a huge change and it terrified me. If change is a dark cave you need to enter to find the treasure, I stood in front of that dark cave for two years before finally going in — two years in which I tried not to change, delegating the classes to other teachers and only managing the business. Then, one day, it was enough: I left my language school and invested in this blog and in my online courses.

Today I am writing this from Helsinki, the first stop on our journey around the world.

All our big and small decisions in the past 12 years unknowingly led us here: with no roots, free to choose to take off, and travel the world while being able to keep working.

Never underestimate the power of a decision, any decision: even when you don’t know where you’re going, know yourself, listen to yourself, and live by what feels right to YOU!

Life is way too short and unpredictable to wear the dress society has picked out for you, if you don’t like how it fits.

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The woman behind the words

My name is Carlotta, I’m 33 years old, I’m Italian, married to a Finnish guy, and together we raise Oliver (4) and Emily (2) Montessori and multilingual. We’re selling everything to travel the world.

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  1. Me encanta! Me ha encantado tu post.

    Yo, de una manera más “estática” también tome esa decisión. Y es increíble su efecto! Como dar un salto al vacío totalmente. Te sientes libre, un poco asustado, motivado, emprendedor, lleno de incertidumbre, pero feliz porqué finalmente has dejado de escuchar a los demás para ser tú misma al 100%

    En mi caso me lancé cuando me quedé embarazada. No recuerdo ni siquiera como conseguí llegar al punto donde estoy ahora. Intentando emprender desde casa para poder crecer a mi hija (y los que vendrán).

    Soy súper feliz, no tengo ni siquiera un minuto libre al día porqué lo poco que me quedaría de descanso como madre lo uso para el blog. Pero me encanta! Me apetece levantarme pronto por la mañana de las ganas que tengo de ponerme en ello.

    El otro día me tuve que despertar a las 7 para ir a hacer otro tipo de obligaciones y se me hacía bola… Hoy es domingo y a las 6.30 ya estaba de pie xD y tan feliz porqué todos duermen! Es MI MOMENTO!

    Un abrazo y gracias por tus palabras! Dan fuerza y ánimos a las mamis emprendedoras 😛

    (sobretodo porqué todo este tiempo no sabes si algún día va a dar su fruto xD)

    • Carlotta - July 8, 2019

      Gracias por tu comentario, Nai, y por compartir tu experiencia! Me veo mucho en tus palabras y me encanta ver otras mamás emprendedoras que se lanzan! No pares, ni cuando te parezca que no vaya a dar su fruto… yo empecé este blog muuuuuucho antes de poderlo convertir en mi trabajo y cómo nunca paré, aquí estoy hoy! Te deseo muchísima suerte! 🍀

  2. In bocca al lupo per il vostro viaggio!
    È fantastico quando a distanza di anni possiamo guardare il passato in prospettiva e capire dove ci ha fatte arrivare.
    Un abbraccio,


    • Carlotta - July 8, 2019

      Grazie per il tuoi commento, Marta! Hai proprio ragione, gli insegnamenti in retrospettiva sono i più graditi! 🙂 Ricambio l’abbraccio!

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