La Tela di Carlotta

This is me

Why La Tela di Carlotta?

I asked my husband if he knew why it’s La Tela di Carlotta and he asked back, ”Because it’s the Italian translation of Charlotte’s Web?”, killing any romanticism. Not quite.

It’s more because I always liked that a character of a novel has my name—or I its.

And also because I love “cobweb thinking”, when you know where it starts but not where it’ll end. Sometimes I feel like all my thoughts are like that, which is why I’m a writing maniac and a little bit scatterbrain, as my husband often reminds me.


My name is Carlotta Cerri Gambarelli.

I was born in Italy in 1985 and it seems to me like my age group—for some reason—is never taken seriously. Too young to be wise and too old to be naive. Or too little experience, as my mother would put it.

It’s time to change that! Experience is experience, at 30, at 50 or at 80 and it has to be taken seriously.


I’ve lived in Marbella since 2007 and my whole daily life is in English with family and friends, and in Spanish everywhere else. If I concentrate I’m also semi-fluent in French, which J’adore! And finally, since Oliver came around my Finnish is also starting to take shape (my level at the moment is the same as a 4-year-old kid ;-)

We’re raising our kids multilingual: I speak Italian to them, my husband speaks Finnish, English is our family language and we live in Spain. Hard? Confusing? NO! Kids are geniuses at learning languages which is why I love writing about multilingualism.

Montessori mum x2

In 2007 I met my husband, Alex, a Finnish guy I want to grow old with.

In 2009 we got Colbie, our hairy Golden Retriever who taught me so much!

In 2010, Alex and I got married—twice—and we spent our honeymoon road tripping in California.

In 2014 we finally decided it was time to expand our family.

Oliver arrived the 15th of March with express birth, like in movies. Emily arrived the last day of the following year, 12/31/2016, with an even more express birth.

As we rarely go the traditional way, we decided to embrace a more respectful education and to raise our kids Montessori.

2019 is a crazy year as it’ll see us as full time travelers for two-years around the world!

Creator of Montessori online courses for parents

In 2016 I launched my first online course, How to montessorize your house, which has already changed the homes of hundreds of families.

In 2019, after 4 years of Montessori journey and a deep personal transformation, I felt finally ready to launch the most important course: How and become a Montessori parent and raise kids respectfully.

At the moment, the courses are only in Italian, but stay tuned!

Full time traveler

2019 is the year we sold everything to start a two-year world tour with Oliver and Emily (4 and 2), carrying only two 45L backpacks and the kids’ bikes.

Read about our adventure.

Happy, happy, happy

Every morning I wake up (usually less tired than this) next to three amazing people (usually more smiley than this), and I know they’re everything I could ever ask for. They remind me every day that happiness is not yesterday nor tomorrow; it’s right now, in this very moment, sitting on this dock near the harbour.

I'm obsessed with…

…babies, good quality products, functional design, care for details, chocolate, exercising, dancing, (that I do semi professionally in two dance groups, a salsa one and a cabaret one), the English language, Jolly Phonics, raising my children multi-lingual, spending time with people who really matter, any TV show ever aired (but only if in the original language, whatever that is), Apple products, romantic tear-dropping comedies, the Montessori method in school and at home, wooden toys and of course writing, writing, writing and writing. Not in that order ;-)

Write me. If you like my blog. If you don’t like my blog. To suggest topics. To publish your own blog post as a guest (why not?). Or even just to say “hi”.

I love reading my readers’ emails and I reply ASAP, pinky promise!


In 2020 I wrote 4 books for the Italian collection “Gioca and Impara con il metodo Montessori” curated by Grazia Honegger Fresco. The collection is a project by Il Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport.

We also implemented the workshops of the last 15 volumes of the collection with Oliver and Emily.
Why La Tela di Carlotta?
I dreamed of the name La Tela di Carlotta. One morning I woke up and in my dreams I had created a blog named just like the American novel (Charlotte's Web). Many years and endless ups and downs later, this web of thoughts and stories is my work. It took me a long time to understand what kind of online presence I wanted and today I know: I'm transparent, I show real life, I don't advertise, I only recommend sustainable brands (and not only because they pay me) and I believe in the value of my blog and my courses—because if we don't believe in the value of our work, no one will believe in it for us.
Carlotta dreaming of La Tela