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We forgot our 10-year wedding anniversary!

Aug 3, 2020

Crazy, we forgot it!

We forgot our 10 years wedding anniversary!!!!! Did you know that Alex and I got married twice? Once, on September 21st 2010, in a small deconsecrated chapel, there were about thirty people, we organised the wedding in a month (and it was simply perfect), my dad took me to the altar on the notes of "We are family" and our dog Colbie was the ring bearer. That day, not all the guests knew that Alex and I had officially gotten married on June 23rd in Gibraltar, where there was no need for so much paperwork (we hate it!) and my mom, his dad and my sister were our witnesses.

Since Alex reminded me of it a few days ago, I've been trying to sum up our marriage so far. The last few years have been difficult. Sleep deprivation took us to our very limit: it all seemed to me like a lot of work, even more compromises, less understanding and even less complicity.

And then we left for this trip. Magically, one country at a time, we found each other again. We left each city with a little bit more affection, admiration, respect and desire to rediscover each other. Loosing our usual life routine has made us (re)find the habit of loving each other. Distancing ourselves from expectations towards life—because we had no idea what to expect—brought us closer to each other. Spending so much time together made us understand even more the importance of being happy with ourselves.

Honestly, I don't think you have to travel around the world to find each other, but a trip inside of yourself definitely makes a difference.

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